Popular Lynn Chadwick Abstract Bronze Lady Statue for Sale BOKK-971

lady statue for garden

The overall shape of this bronze lady statue is full of artistic flavor, and she was carefully created by artist Lynn Chadwick. YouFine could customize this bronze sculpture to various heights according to your requirements. Isn’t this work by Lynn Chadwick telling us that no matter how bad the external environment is, we still have to maintain our beliefs?
Item No: BOKK-971
Size: 160-200cm
Material: Bronze
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Lost Wax Casting Method

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Details of the Bronze Lady Statue:

This bronze lady statue looks like a walking young lady. She walked firmly against the wind, even if all her hair was blown, and the skirt fluttered with the wind, she didn’t care at all. The gale pushed her forward, but she did not fear the strength of the gale, always stopped her body, and moved forward unswervingly at her own pace. Just like us in life, even if there are many difficulties, we have to overcome everything on our own would and walk on the road of life firmly.

Lynn Chadwick sculpture

YouFine’s Casting Method:

YouFine factory has 38 years of experience in bronze sculpture casting. We pay quality as our lives because we know only high-quality sculptures could win customers’ trust. We continue to improve our technology to provide customers with high-quality products. YouFine uses the most advanced silica sol casting technology to cast this bronze lady statue. Bronze sculptures cast by the silica sol process look more delicate, even after a long period of time, the sculptures are not easy to prone to white spots.

art deco bronze lady

YouFine’s Custom Services:

The regular height of this statue is 160cm, 170cm, and 180cm. YouFine supports custom, we could also custom this bronze lady statue as your size requirement. No matter you want it smaller or larger than life-size, we could do it all for you. Moreover, we could make this statue in different colors, we would show you some color samples so you could choose your favorite color based on your installation site!

bronze lady statue

Our Shipping Services:

Many customers have no experience in importing, and they often worry that importing is troublesome. However, if you order sculptures from our YouFine, you need not worry about this issue. YouFine has 3 long-term cooperative shipping agents, they would help you transport the bronze lady statue to your nearest port, and then the agent in charge of your cargo at the destination port would notify you in advance before the sculpture arrives at your port.

lady statue

Then you could entrust this agent to help you clear customs and transport the sculpture to your home. You don’t have to pick up the sculptures at the port in person. The agent would help you handle everything, it would be simple for you!

Lynn Chadwick sculpture park

As a factory focusing on customers and quality, YouFine would definitely provide you with a perfect sculpture. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this statue!