Classic Roman Bronze Lady Sculpture Garden Decor BOKK-903

Introduction of Bronze Lady Statue

What a beautiful and antique bronze lady statue, this sculpture is made of bronze material. Do you want to have this charming sculpture? We believe that any space placed with this sculpture would definitely attract people’s attention. So contact us quickly to get this charming sculpture.
Item No: BOKK-903
Size: H 180cm
Material: Bronze
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Lost Wax Casting Method

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Introduction of Bronze Lady Statue:

This antique bronze lady statue is in a very classic Roman style, and it perfectly shows the charm of classic Roman sculptures. The entire sculpture contains two ladies and a little boy. Their harmonious side represents the comfort and beauty of their lives. The entire sculpture contains many exquisite details, including women’s clothing, hairstyles, and beautiful flower decorations and grapes. These beautiful decorations and exquisite details often attract people’s attention, which is an important reason why this sculpture has always been popular and has become a classic.

Sculpture Application Places:

A garden full of beautiful flowers and plants is certainly very beautiful, but this antique bronze lady statue could bring different beauty to it. It could even be said that this sculpture would become the soul of this garden. Not only gardens, but you could also place this antique lady statue wherever you want, such as hotels, castles, interiors of houses, parks, squares, etc. Any place where this sculpture is placed would become a beautiful landscape!

Sculpture Application Places

How Do We Make Customers Satisfied?

YouFine could customize this antique bronze lady statue according to customers’ various requirements for design and size. YouFine would first make a clay mold of the same size as the bronze sculpture. If the customer has any comments on the details of the figure sculpture, we would modify it according to the customer’s request until the customer is satisfied. Then YouFine starts casting bronze sculptures with the mold, so our final sculptures always satisfy our customers.

How Do We Make Customers Satisfied

Moreover, YouFine could make this antique lady statue in different colors. You could choose any color you like, we would color it at your request. If you are not sure about the color, we could also suggest the most suitable and classic color based on the environment of your installation site.

How Do We Make Customers Satisfied

Life always needs some flavoring, we need to look at different landscapes. If you want to add some different colors to your life, then this sculpture is definitely a good choice! YouFine would definitely offer you a perfect sculpture!