Abstract Artistic Bronze Grosse Femme Sculpture Manufacturer BOKK-425

statue grosse femme sculpture

In Italy, many local citizens imitated the “fat woman” sculpture. The various postures they pose make people laugh. If you want this bronze Grosse femme sculpture, you could always contact the YouFine factory.
Item No: BOKK-425
Material: Casting Bronze
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Superiority 1: full protection policy
Superiority 2: Factory Direct; Best price

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Grosse Femme Sculpture Detail

Please let us take a closer look at this bronze Grosse femme sculpture. We could clearly see that a woman with a fat body is riding a bicycle, and another woman with the same body shape is dancing. Obviously, these are two abstract sculptures, and we couldn’t see their expressions. But from the overall structure, we could feel that they are so happy. I believe you couldn’t help but dance happily with this sculpture.

statue grosse femme sculptures

Superb Designers:

Every factory has its own superb designers. The designers of the YouFine factory are very professional. They are highly educated and go to the country for field trips. They attach great importance to the reduction of sculptures, so they could achieve the most beautiful appearance of the Grosse femme sculpture. YouFine factory designers and customers have maintained a very friendly relationship. You could express to our designers the type of sculpture you most want in your heart.


Good Reputation:

YouFine factory is a factory with 39 years of experience in bronze sculpture. Our customers are all over the world. They are very satisfied with our sculptures. Moreover, the YouFine factory pays great attention to the quality of sculptures. Each sculpture would be shipped after strict inspection. We have received good reviews from customers all over the country.

statue grosse femme botero

Accept customization:

Of course, the YouFine factory accepts customization. First of all, our designers could meet all your needs. And the YouFine factory also has a large number of similar bronze Grosse femme sculptures. We would provide high-quality drawings and high-resolution 3D drawings according to your needs. Therefore, this could save you a lot of time and efficiently determine your favorite sculpture style.

Modern Bronze Sculpture Garden

Safe packaging:

We all know that the packaging of Grosse femme sculptures is very important in long-distance transportation. Therefore, the YouFine factory has concluded a set of safest packaging solutions based on decades of transportation experience. First, we would wrap the sculpture with thick soft foam. Secondly, ours would use a 3mm thick wooden crate to fix the sculpture. We guarantee that the sculpture could reach its destination safely.

statues grosse femme botero

We are very confident, we are your best choice. You could contact YouFine factory at any time, we would not let you down.