Custom Bronze Golf Player Arnold Palmer Statue

Arnold Palmer Statue (3)

The Arnold Palmer statue is a monumental bronze sculpture that shows a golfer in action as he swings a club.
Item No: BOK1-035
Material: Casting Bronze
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Superiority 1: full protection policy
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The Arnold Palmer statue is a monumental bronze sculpture that shows a golfer in action as he swings a club. The Arnold Palmer statue captures one of Palmer’s iconic poses on the golf course, standing next to his golf club, exuding the demeanor of a true champion. This sculpture serves as a tribute to Arnold Palmer’s immense contributions to the sport of golf, his philanthropic endeavors, and his significant impact on Washington, DC.


Arnold Palmer Statue (3)


About Arnold Palmer Statue

The Arnold Palmer Statue is a statue located in Washington, DC, USA, commemorating American human rights activist Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer was an American professional golfer, one of the pioneers of modern golf, and a philanthropist and businessman. He is admired for his outstanding career and charisma. The Arnold Palmer statue is located in Beta Winson Park in Washington, DC, at the intersection of Pond Avenue and Most Avenue.

Brad Forrest, president of the Heritage Club, said: “This beautiful bronze sculpture will forever be a reminder of Palmer’s unwavering values, his kindness to those he met throughout his life, his charming wit and his devotion to the community. The love of the sport.”


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Considerate Customized Service

YouFine offers customized services for enthusiasts of bronze sculptures, including the Arnold Palmer statue. Our team of professionals will develop tailor-made bronze plans to meet the unique needs of different customers. We are capable of creating custom commemorative bronze sculptures in various sizes, colors, and designs based on customer requirements.


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Rich Custom Bronze Sculpture Experience

With 40 years of experience in sculpture casting, we have provided customized services to sculpture enthusiasts worldwide. For the bronze Arnold Palmer statue, we will start by creating a detailed plan. Then, a skilled artist will craft a 1:1 clay model based on the plan. Finally, the sculpture will be cast using the traditional lost wax method, which entails at least 33 steps. Our meticulous approach ensures that the final product meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.


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We encourage you to reach out and embark on an exploration of the extraordinary world of custom bronze sculptures with YouFine. We are confident that we can bring your vision to life and that YouFine is your ideal partner in this endeavor.


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