Customized Famous Arnold Bronze Schwarzenegger Sculpture for Sale BOKK-893

Schwarzenegger statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture

A burly bronze statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding prime is really attractive. YouFine’s professional artists would make this sculpture very realistic by using the lost wax foundry method.
Item No: BOKK-893
Material: Casting Bronze
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Superiority 1: full protection policy
Superiority 2: Factory Direct; Best price

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Schwarzenegger Statue Display:

When people think of Schwarzenegger, the figure of a muscle man came to their mind. That is the impressive statue that to build to memorize the bodybuilding star Schwarzenegger who participated in the Mr. Universe triumph and bagged the top honor. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Statue also became the symbol of the place where the annual body-building completion is held. This sculpture shows his charm muscle and has influenced generations of fitness. This statue is perfect for an outdoor park or an indoor gym and many people like to interact with this it. YouFine could offer you the perfect Schwarzenegger statue by applying the traditional lost wax casting method.

charm Arnold Schwarzenegger statue-YouFine Sculpture

people takephoto-with-arnold statuie-YouFine Sculpture

Realistic 1:1 Clay Model Making:

Many people may have questioned how could a sculptor or artist make such a realistic bronze sculpture. The key step is to make a 1:1 scale clay model against the original one by hand. It is essential to make a clay model because, during this process, the final sculpture would be accurate in terms of scale and proportions. We have the top clay model-making artists who are very proficient and have worked for decades of years. YouFine would send our clients the clay model photos and videos for confirmation and adjustment. When received the feedback, our artists would further modify the model to ensure that details and the original charm of the sculpture could be restored.

life-size Schwarzenegger statue-YouFine Sculpture

Specialize Customized Service:

YouFine sculpture supports customization and is specialized in customizing various kinds of bronze sculpture. There are many valuable people, moments, and things that deserve memorizing, however, our memory is short and limited. So we could memorize these important things by casting a permanent bronze sculpture. You just need to give us a photo and our professional artists would capture the characteristics and make realistic sculptures. We have customized lots of bronze sculptures and received satisfactory feedback. Welcome to customize your special bronze sculpture.

famous Schwarzenegger statue-YouFine Sculpture

Schwarzenegger statue for gym or park decor-YouFine Sculpture

About YouFine Bronze Sculpture Factory:

YouFine has been established for 40 years and is experienced in customizing bronze sculptures. First, we use high-content of bronze as raw material to cast our statue the completed statue is strong and solid. Then, our custom bronze sculpture is very realistic with the assistance of the most experienced artists. What’s more, YouFine as a direct factory could provide you with high-quality sculptures at a better price.

bronze custom statue-YouFine Sculpture

If you need a famous Schwarzenegger statue or a custom unique sculpture, please feel free to contact us.