Popular Life-size Bronze Angel Sculpture for Sale BOKK-149

Life-size angel statue-YouFine Sculpture

Our life-size bronze angel sculpture is colored beautiful gold using the professional patina method, which is very eye-catching. It was cast by the top artists of YouFine, and the details are handled to perfection, making it an excellent outdoor decorative sculpture.
Item No: BOKK-149
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Style: Western Style
Material: Bronze
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptab

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This is an unmissable cast bronze angel sculpture. One of the reasons to recommend it is that its dazzling colors attract people’s attention, and the second is that its perfect details make it a great outdoor decoration.

Life-size angel statue-YouFine Sculpture

Bronze Angel Statue Detail:

This bronze sculpture depicts a very graceful angel statue with large wings. The details are so meticulously cast that every feather on the wing can be seen very clearly. She had a feather in her hand, and her skirt looked beautiful as it floated in the wind. The proportions of this angel’s face and body are very suitable, showing a charming temperament.

bronze angel statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture

Professional Patina Coloring Method:

Our bronze angel sculptures are colored in a specialized coloring way by YouFine professional artists. We use the patina method which is using mixing chemical potions to color our bronze angel sculpture. Bronze sculptures painted in this way are not only very beautiful and do not easy to fade, but also become more natural with the passage of time.YouFine’s artists are very professional in this coloring method and can provide our clients with accurately different colors.

bronze figure statues-YouFine Sculpture

YouFine Provides More Angel Sculptures :

YouFine has a rich variety of bronze angel sculptures, each of which is very unique. If you are interested in angel sculptures, we can definitely provide you with more choices. We have bronze angel sculptures with big spread wings, cute cherub sculptures, and angel sculptures in different colors and sizes for you to choose from.

bronze statue of angel-YouFine Sculpture

Reliable After-sale Service:

If you have any questions after purchasing our sculptures, we are able to assist in a timely manner. For example, regarding the installation and maintenance of bronze sculptures, we can provide professional guidance. We have dedicated customer service staff who can answer customers’ difficult questions and ensure the normal use of customers’ sculptures.

YouFine Factory-YouFine Sculpture

If you want to get more sculpture details, please leave us a message. We will give you the latest quotation as soon as possible.