Bronze Sports Sculpture Football Boy Popular Customized Decor BOKK-994

Details About the Bronze Sports Sculpture

This is a customized bronze sports sculpture. He holds a football with Single lacquer kneeling which looks brave and happy. Football is one of the favorite sports in America. Many kids would play football since they were little boys. For this sculpture, it could be put in the school, the park, and other places which could attract more children to visit and play.
Item No: BOKK-994
Size: Customized size or life-size
Material: Bronze
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Lost Wax Casting Method
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Insurance: Cover All the Risk

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Details About the Bronze Sports Sculpture:

This bronze sports sculpture has many vivid details on the body and bottom grass. At the bottom, there is a bronze plate that has grass on it. It not only could make the stable is more stable but also make the sculpture closer to the real scene. On the body, his clothes are also detailed like real clothes. The football he holds on the leg has detailed football. Each place on the statue is beautiful and vivid.

Details About the Bronze Sports SculptureDetails About the Bronze Sports Sculpture

Customized a bronze boy sculpture for your children:

If you want to customize a bronze figure sculpture for your children, pls send it to us, we could also customize it according to the photo of your children. Our artists learned to make the clay model since they are teenagers. With so many years’ experience, they could make 99% similarity according to the original photo you sent to us.

Customized a bronze boy sculpture for your childrenCustomized a bronze boy sculpture for your children

The customized bronze statue is a complicated process that has over 33 processes during production. From the clay model to the final bronze sculpture, for each step, we have a professional team to check to make sure it’s quality. So we could make sure our clients could receive high quality and beautiful statues.

Customized a bronze boy sculpture for your children

Applications for This Bronze Sculpture:

This kind of bronze sports sculpture is very popular among different countries. You could put the sports sculpture into different places for decoration. Such as stadium, gymnasium, school, park, the apartment square, and so on. They could remind people to do sports and keep healthy every day. Besides, it could also attract more people to take photos and more children to play.

Applications for This Bronze SculptureApplications for This Bronze Sculpture


If you are interested in sports sculptures or other customized sculptures, pls feel free to contact us. You Fine would offer you beautiful and high similarity customized sculptures.