Outdoor Life Size Bronze Deer Sculptures for Sale BOK1-290


Item No:BOK1-290
Size: Customized
Color:Pictured or Customized
Technique: Cast and Polished
Quality:100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Keyword 1:Bronze Deer Sculpture
Keyword2:Metal Deer Garden Ornaments

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The bronze deer sculptures are very spectacular, and the herd of deer following the sunset is amazing. The body structure of each deer is restored to the real wild deer, which is derived from the fact that the artist raises animals in the factory and observes their living habits and body structure every day.


bronze deer sculpture (5)


About Deer Sculpture

Deer is a graceful and noble animal. They have a graceful figure and towering horns, which always give people a warm and peaceful feeling. Therefore, deer has become one of the favorite images of many people. In order to express this beauty, many sculptors have created various exquisite bronze deer sculptures. When we see a deer sculpture, we must be attracted by its beauty at first sight. The typical image of deer sculpture always makes people feel the kind of art and elegance, full of vitality and vitality.

They either vividly simulate the fur, naked eyes, bones and horns of deer, or reproduce the scenes of them running, grazing, and avoiding predation, and some even have a certain degree of exaggeration and artistry. Such works are not only a kind of art, but also a form of interpreting and praising life.


deers statue


About Clay Model

Clay models are the basis for casting a high-quality bronze sculpture, so they are very important. Before casting bronze sculptures independently, the artists of YouFine have participated in the production of at least a thousand clay models, each with an average of 20 years of casting experience. Therefore, YouFine’s clay model perfectly restores the proportions and facial expressions of the deer.




About YouFines Bronze Deer Sculpture

YouFine uses silica sol technique in the casting process, which could effectively reduce the appearance of white spots or green spots. Secondly, the artist uses patina technique to color, the final color is not easy to fall off, and would become more and more natural with time.


deers statues


If you are interested in bronze deer sculpture, please feel free to contact YouFine, professionals would provide you with one-on-one service.