Life Size Metal Deer Sculpture Decor for Garden BOKK-997

bronze deer sculpture (2)

This metal deer sculpture contains a mother deer and two baby deer, which is a very harmonious and warm picture. With 40 years of manufacturing experience, YouFine only provides customers with high-quality bronze sculptures.
Item No:BOKK-997
Size: Customized
Color:Pictured or Customized
Technique: Cast and Polished
Quality:100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Case
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Metal deer sculpture is one of the most popular animal sculptures, and this sika deer sculpture is also very popular. Mother deer and baby deer form a warm picture, so that people who see this sculpture could feel the warmth and influence of art. So it’s a great outdoor decoration and a great addition to Christmas decorations.


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1:1 Clay Model

In order to make a sufficiently realistic clay model, YouFine artists would raise elk in the factory, so YouFien’s metal deer sculpture has perfect body structure and proportions, and has precise control over the expression of the deer. We could clearly see the hair on the elk clay model, which seems to give life and vitality to the whole sculpture.


clay model


Seamless Welding

YouFine artists would cast the limbs and head of the metal deer sculpture separately, and finally weld them together, so that every detail of the bronze deer could be cast to the maximum extent. When welding, the artist’s superb technique could seamlessly weld the various parts together without affecting the overall beauty. Therefore, YouFine’s bronze animal sculptures have extremely high appreciation value and collection value.


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If you are interested in YouFine’s bronze deer sculpture, please feel free to contact us, professionals would provide you with catalog or price information. More styles are waiting for your choice.


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YouFine has 40 years of international trading experience, and each artist has at least 20 years of casting experience. During the casting process, silica sol technique is used to effectively reduce the white spots or green spots on bronze sculptures. YouFine is confident to provide you with a satisfactory shopping experience.