Life Size Figure Bronze Statue Angel Statue for Garden Decoration BOKK-143

Bronze Statue Angel Statue for Garden Decoration

This life-size portrait bronze sculpture was created of a lovely young woman with a beautiful heart and spirit that Tom and his family were privileged to know. Following her tragic death in a car accident, it was an honor filled with sorrow and grief for her family for Tom to create the “Traditional Teen” statue.
Item No: BOKK-143
Material: Bronze /Brass
Usage: Interior Decoration; Garden, Park Decoration; Villa; Scenic Decoration; City Square; Religious Holy Place, Etc.
Period Time : According To The Determined Product Process And Size. 10-45 Days (Except For Large Projects)
Packing; Strong Wooden Crate With Waterproof And Shockproof Foam Inside

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Bronze marble sculpture details:

Western Life Size angle statue reflects human worship of nature and worship of animals and the process of understanding people and understanding the world. Modern character sculpture is the crystallization of the times, thoughts, feelings, and aesthetic concepts, and is the record of social development visualization. The history of sculpture in the past has become the history of the human imagination in a certain sense.


Bronze Statue Decoration BOKK-143


Small scale angel statues indoor production requires the use of precision casting process → re-casting (paraffin) model → using sculpted shells made of quartz sand and other fine casting materials → decarburization of baked shells → burning shells → casting copper water → after copper water cooling Breaking the shell to complete the copper production → coloring, anti-corrosion and other treatment on the surface of the copper product → sculpture production completed → customer acceptance completed → delivery


Bronze Statue Angel Statue for Garden Decoration BOKK-143


Our Advantage:

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Angel Statue for Garden Decoration BOKK-143_副本


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