How to place the bronze horse sculpture

Horse, running through the history of mankind and mankind, the image of horse has always been the representative of positive energy. Therefore, in the art world, the creation of horses is countless, and Xu Beihong, who is famous for painting horses, is also the style of horses and the spirituality of horses. At the extreme, many classic works have been created. In the sculpture industry, horse sculptures are a large class of animal sculptures. Different materials of bronze horse sculptures and glass fiber horse sculptures are used in various places and various industries to play decorative and Feng Shui effect. Today, I mainly talk about how the bronze horse sculpture plays a role in Feng Shui.

The bronze horse sculpture inherits the spirit of gives people a positive and upward momentum. Therefore, the reasonable placement of bronze horse sculptures can often receive unexpected results, especially in the wind and water, Ma can drive wealth and make a career. It is smoother, so in the placement of bronze horse sculptures, we must pay attention to the choice of orientation. Generally speaking, the best in the south at home or in the workplace, the horse is in the middle of the ground, it is in the south, and the northwest is also suitable because Most of the horses are produced in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia in the northwest, and the grasslands there are the places where the horses are galloping. In addition, although the bronze horse sculptures are the most common ones, there are also some horses. It is necessary to consider the number of horses. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to use two, three, six, eight and nine. Among them, six are the most auspicious, because “six” and “lu” are the same, and there is a good sign of “Luma Jiaochi”. There will be a “five horses”.
In the Chinese saying, the bronze horse sculpture is helpful for marriage feelings and career advancement, so the emphasis on placement must be observed, the choice of orientation, placement, etc., and the feng shui utility of the bronze horse sculpture. Play to the extreme.